Tips for easy cleaning

Cleaning day at home is nothing less than a festival. It takes up the entire day and is very tiresome. Here are a few tips for you to make cleaning easy and less time-consuming.

  • You can use a small paintbrush to clean tiny cracks or crevices of chandeliers, furniture, windows or any such areas which are otherwise impossible to reach. The soft bristles are perfect for dusting minute spaces and also delicate items such as porcelain or carved figurines.
  • Removing stickers without a trace is a serious challenge. If you have removed as much of the sticker as possible, you can remove the rest with a little Ben Gay ointment and a blow dryer set on low heat. The same works on carpets also.
  • To make the sink sparkle wipe a stainless steel sink with vinegar or a touch of oil on a cloth.
  • Half a cup of pure lemon juice mixed with a cup of olive oil makes an excellent furniture polish, especially for hardwood furniture or floors.
  • Toothpaste isn’t just for cavities. You can also use it as a great spot cleaner for marks on the floor and walls and for cleaning small pieces of jewelry and silver.
  • The best way to dry curtains is to hang them outside, in a breezy place, away from direct sunlight so as to avoid bleaching. Letting curtains dry naturally in a hanging position allows the creases to fall out, and a quick iron afterwards will have them looking like new.
  • While cleaning screens in electronic devices, it is safer to spray the cleaning liquid on the soft cloth and then use it on the screen instead of directly spraying it on the device.
  • To clean wooden, glass and brass surfaces, use a mixture of baking soda, liquid soap and hot tap water. Shake well inside a spray bottle and use it on the surfaces to get sparkling results.
  • Have you ever seen dust bunnies flying from your ceiling fan when you turn it on for the first time in weeks? You can get rid of those easily by placing an old pillowcase over one of the ceiling fan blades and slowly pulling off the pillowcase. The blades get dusted and the dust bunnies stay in the pillowcase, instead of parachuting to the floor.
  • To remove stains on marble, sprinkle salt on a fresh cut lemon. Rub on the stain very lightly to avoid removing the polish on the surface. Wash off with soap and water.