How to avoid pests at home?

Keeping pests and insects away from your home is a very difficult task. Pesticides are harmful not only for pests, but sometimes for humans also. Prevention is always a better idea. Here are a few tips to help you keep pests, rodents and other insects away from your house.

  • Make sure the house and its surroundings are always clean and dry. Do not let water stagnate in the neighborhood. Make sure there are no rubbish or dry leaves piled up in the area surrounding your house.
  • Keep your garbage can closed and dispose garbage as frequently as possible. Do not throw organic waste along with other rubbish. Store them separately and dispose them off as and when they accumulate.
  • Store ripe fruits and other eatables in the fridge, in tightly closed containers.
  • Sweep your floor regularly and keep the kitchen and bathroom floor dry.
  • If you have a pet, comb it frequently and wash its bedding regularly.
  • Seal and cracks or crevices on the floor, ceiling, and walls as and when they occur. This will prevent entry of insects and pests through them.
  • Avoid taking food to areas other than the kitchen and dining area. Minimizing spillage of food can help avid pests and insects.

Though there are many methods to eradicate pests, preventing their entry is a smarter way. Using these tips, you can easily prevent pests, insects and rodents from establishing their colony in your house.