Thinking of ways to decorate your kid’s room? Here are few ideas to decorate the room as well as keep your kid active and entertained.

  • Chalkboard paint makes a fun, interactive backdrop for any bedroom.
  • Create a warm place for your shared reading time: a bookcase stocked with favorites, good lighting, and cuddle-worthy seating.
  • String a wire from wall to wall for a smart, inexpensive way to showcase your child’s beautiful drawings.
  • Use a whiteboard sunmica on cupboard doors so that they can draw and write to their heart’s content without you being worried.
  • Stick adhesive glow-in-the-dark stars and moon on the ceiling wall. This will be an interesting visual to watch as your kids fall asleep.
  • Paste or stick posters of their favourite cartoon characters. This will get them excited and keep them on their toes.
  • Try and use a common colour for everything in the room. The most basic colour theme is blue for boys and pink for girls.

Use the above tips to pep-up your kid’s room and watch as their excitement levels rise.