Daylight is a variable, often unpredictable, light source that depends on solar position and sky conditions. There are many benefits to having more natural light in your home. The most obvious of these are the savings you can achieve by saving energy, and thus lower your electricity bill.


Daylight also brings out the beauty of fabrics and furniture and gives an instant boost to your mood and your immune system.

Here are a few ways to increase and maximize the natural light in your own home:

  • Hang mirrors, particularly opposite windows.
  • Use voile or muslin to diffuse light or perforated roller blinds to block out harsh sunlight.
  • Replace an inner door with a glass paneled door.
  • Use light reflective surfaces and pale carpets and furnishing.
  • Trim any overhanging bushes or tree by your windows.


The use of multiple light source in apartment are specifically designed to tap the benefits of having as much of Natural light into the apartment as possible. This also can help you to design the lighting fixtures requirement as per your need with task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting and electric light fixtures.

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