How to organize your kitchen?

Kitchen is the place where most women spend a lot of time. They require at least some level of comfort in the place where they do the tiring work that is cooking. Here are a few ways to accessorize your kitchen and make it look and feel comfortable.

  • Make sure there is enough ventilation in the kitchen. Adequate air supply will cause less sweating and suffocation.
  • Keep all essential items within reach and store them all in cupboards. Store all extra supplies in a separate container.
  • Make sure all electrical appliances like mixer, toaster, microwave, and fridge are not too close or too far from the stove. Arrange them inside the kitchen in such a way that they are not too close to the stove, yet easily accessible.
  • Put knives, scissors and other sharp equipment in a separate stand or box and store in a high place.
  • Put the small vessels inside the large ones before storing it in the cupboard. This will save space when arranging.
  • Store all wash cloths away from the stove in a cloth ring. Refrain from wearing flowing dresses or stoles.
  • Clean the refrigerator regularly and dispose items that have gone stale or are about to become stale. Use containers or cloth bags to store vegetables and fruits.
  • Use clear storage containers to store varieties or grams and pulses. Stick a tiny piece of paper with what the box contains for easy identification.

These basic tips will help you organize your kitchen and make cooking a less stressful job for you. However, you can add or leave out points from this to suit your convenience.

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