A few set of guidelines and rules are all you need to have a healthy house plant in your living space. Provide your houseplants with the below five ingredients, and your indoor garden is sure to thrive.


1 Just the right amount of water

The main cause of houseplant death is incorrect watering. Either people neglect their houseplants and fail to water, or over pour out of good intention but would end up with not so good result.

Water your houseplants only when they need water. This usually means when the top one to two inches of soil has dried. Insert your finger up past your first knuckle, or use a moisture meter or the “pick up” test before watering. (Lightweight houseplants tend to be dry) Overwatering is the fastest route to fungal disease and imminent death.

2 Adequate lighting

Light is the main source of growth for the plant and fertilizers can’t make up for it. Fertilizer gives houseplants nutrients that allow for healthy growth.


3 Pests Control

Plant pests thrive in the close, warm conditions of the indoor garden where they don’t have to fight against natural enemies to survive. Eradicate them from your indoor garden as soon as you see some.


4 Offer ideal temperatures

Most houseplants are comfortable in temperatures that humans enjoy. Aim to keep your plants in 65-75 degrees. Too hot or too cold will lead to stunted growth and leaf drop. Also avoid placing your plants near doorways or heating or cooling ducts.


5 Observe your houseplants

Taking the time at least once a week to inspect your houseplants will help you detect if there is a problem prior to it becoming a deadly one. Instinctively you’ll know when something isn’t quite right. Provide more lighting or easing off on watering, to keep your houseplants healthy.

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