With more people moving into the cities from different parts of the country, each city is expanding. More and more apartments are coming up in every city to cater to the demand for more homes.

The features and amenities that these apartments have, in turn requires a formal body to manage these common resources. Various amenities like electricity, water, lifts, general maintenance, security, garden etc. should be taken care in an organized way. The formation and proper functioning of associations plays an integral part in maintaining all the resources.

Apartment associations also get involved in various activities like culturals, seminars etc. They are highly beneficial in tackling common issues pertaining to security, waste management, power and water. Transparency is the key to a well-functioning association. The platform should allow all the members of the society to view and share all the information at any place.


Daylight is a variable, often unpredictable, light source that depends on solar position and sky conditions. There are many benefits to having more natural light in your home. The most obvious of these are the savings you can achieve by saving energy, and thus lower your electricity bill.


Daylight also brings out the beauty of fabrics and furniture and gives an instant boost to your mood and your immune system. Continue reading NATURAL LIGHTING


A few set of guidelines and rules are all you need to have a healthy house plant in your living space. Provide your houseplants with the below five ingredients, and your indoor garden is sure to thrive.


1 Just the right amount of water

The main cause of houseplant death is incorrect watering. Either people neglect their houseplants and fail to water, or over pour out of good intention but would end up with not so good result.

Water your houseplants only when they need water. This usually means when the top one to two inches of soil has dried. Insert your finger up past your first knuckle, or use a moisture meter or the “pick up” test before watering. (Lightweight houseplants tend to be dry) Overwatering is the fastest route to fungal disease and imminent death.